Life & Disability
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Life & Disability

We can help alleviate the stress demands make on your time and money.

For most families, topics such as how to keep our home if one of us were to die unexpectedly, how to pay for that special vacation, or what do we really want for our retirement usually come up in conversation at some point in time.  The bigger issue is actually making a plan for life’s topics and truly implementing it – just like committing to a budget.  Budgets are a great financial planning tool and utilizing one could save many families the financial pain they find themselves in today.

Affordable Life Options
  1. Term Life

Low cost option that fits many people – no reason not to protect those you love. Some options even have a return-of-premium feature at maturity!

  1. Universal/ Whole Life

This is an option that makes sense for those who want lifetime coverage (the reasoning will change over the years, but the need will not go away) and want to build some equity.  While term life is inexpensive, it will run out or premiums will escalate dramatically in later years and in the end, all you will have is a pile of receipts.  Less than 1 % of all term plans ever pay a death benefit out!

Low Cost Term Family Plans

It is inexpensive to provide coverage for the whole family – but please make sure you have adequate coverage on the bread-winners.

Disability / Accident Plans

Pay check protection is often the forgotten coverage.  How long can you go without a paycheck?  Do not let a long illness or accident put you in financial peril, talk to us about your options..

Financial Needs Analysis

With shifting priorities and the possibility of special needs, families often need help in organizing and putting their plans together. They sometimes feel overwhelmed and as a result, continue putting things off.  What we offer is our ability to sit down with you, help evaluate your entire situation, and come up with some viable solutions in a no-pressure environment.  You may not be able to satisfy all your needs at one time, but you can certainly begin the process and tackle what is most important to you, first.  Our goal is to come up with a plan that makes sense and works for you, and that all starts with being a good listener.  We don’t believe one solution fits all.

Mortgage Protection

This is usually the biggest loan most families ever have and most do not want to have to move because a bread-winner has passed away.  It usually makes sense to talk about this when reviewing your overall insurance needs.

Children's Life Plans

It makes sense for parents and/or grandparents to start out that little one with a policy they can keep for life.  The child will never be able to buy one on their own at this low of a rate again and it can even protect their ability to buy more coverage at guaranteed rates later in life, when their needs change.

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