Property & Casualty
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Property & Casualty

Risk, exposure, liability, and loss.  Do you have proper coverage?

Whether your business is small or growing exponentially – identifying your exposure and risk are critical in making your insurance buying decisions. We have never had a claim where a customer complained about having too much coverage! Making sure you have adequate limits and understanding your risk and exposure will help assure that a loss event does not mean the end of your business because you did not have proper coverage. Yes, we understand that price is important, but we also believe that what you get for your money is even more important.

We are also available in a consultant capacity where we can act on your behalf in developing a request for proposal for your insurance needs and help determine which agents/ carriers to engage in the process. This would assure all proposals include the essential coverage you need, thereby making the evaluation of the bids much easier for the business owner. Since in this case, we would not submit a bid – there would be no conflict of interest. You simply hired a professional to assist in making a smart decision for your business.

Commercial Packages

Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, machine shop, or an ice cream store – we can help you.  Packages include the coverage to meet the spectrum of a business’s needs.

General Liability

Liability coverage is a basic need in our litigious society today; an uncovered lawsuit could spell the end of your business.  Therefore, you need to know all your business risks and the options to cover and mitigate them.

Property Insurance

Buildings, equipment, inventory, contractor’s equipment, leased or rented equipment, boilers, machinery, and theft and transportation/shipping exposures are among the many items you need to discuss and cover.  Replacement cost vs. actual cash value is also a critical part of any discussion.  We have never had a client turnaround and tell us we had over-insured them after experiencing a major loss.  If you cannot afford to rebuild or re-purchase, it could be the end of the line for your business.  No one wants to over-insure, but let us look at the real risks you are facing and get you the right coverage.

Workers Compensation

It is the law that employers do have to provide this coverage, although owners and officers can waive coverage. To a large degree, the specific industry, total payroll, and the different classes of employees determines the actual rates. Correct classification can make a big difference, as will your claim experience/ history and any future loss controls you may have implemented. Making sure your carrier has officially closed completed claims and filed the necessary reports also affects your premiums. An experienced agent can have a big impact in your favor.

Directors & Officers Liability

Lawsuits are an everyday occurrence and can be a major financial risk considering that attorney fees alone can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even when you win! In addition, most employers find it hard to recruit quality people to work or serve without adequate protection. This is true of for-profit companies, as well as non-profit entities.

Professional Liability

All professionals, including insurance agents, need liability coverage. An error could cost your client an extremely large sum of money, and rest assured, that client will come back to you for payment if it is found to be an error made by you or your firm. So doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians, and many more need this important coverage.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a goal for almost all of us and actually making it to retirement age is only half the challenge – the major challenge is having enough income so you can afford to retire. Out-living our money is a real threat and worry for more than two-thirds of Americans. Having a plan and staying involved in its implementation is key. As it is often said – we fail to plan and then are later surprised to find we no longer have enough time to make a plan! There are tools for almost any person or company – you just need an advisor to help you through the maze.

Contractor's Insurance

We insure contractors of all types and corresponding exposures, including bonding needs and multi-state operations of many firms.

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